I’ve been writing screenplays since 2011, and most of them are comedies, rom-com, sci-fi/com, thriller-com, etc… I even wrote a musical comedy.


The Man School (comedy) – (logline): Two single gals start a “man school” to teach guys how to treat modern-day women. (Co-written with Kelly Sallaway.)

Denture Capitalists: (comedy) (premise)- Aaron Davidson has just lost everything, and now he must move in with his parents in a kooky retirement community in Arizona. There, he meets up with three retired venture capitalists (aka the denture capitalists) who help him start his own business. But there’s just one catch – instead of getting paid back with interest, they all want jobs instead.

Spring; Break Earth- (comedy) Three alien college students (Teek, Jaltoo and Farfle) get stuck in Florida during spring break when they come to Earth to study human mating rituals.


Manic-Depression: The Musical- This is a musical comedy, set mostly in a psych hospital, set to the pop-hits of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.


The Pharmacy – imagine Cheers, but set in a pharmacy.


I started a sketch comedy writing group here in Phoenix back in 2013, called The Rising Phoenix Comedy Troupe. We wrote together for a couple of years, which was a blast.

I have many other screenplays I’m currently waking on right now, too.