Hi, there and thanks for visiting my screenwriting website.

I write mostly comedy screenplays, but I also do “punch ups,” joke writing, and sketch comedies, as well. (And occasionally, I throw in a conspiracy theory thriller, too!)

Below is a list of a few of my favorite comedy screenplays I’ve written so far. But I have many others, too.

  • Spring Break: Earth  –
    • Logline: When three alien college students from Intergalactic University (Jaltoo, Teek, and Farfle) come to Earth to study human mating habits, they get stuck in Florida during spring break.  
    • (Note: The short screenplay version of  Spring Break: Earth made it into the semi-finals of the LA Comedy Shorts Screenplay Contest, so I expanded it into a feature-length script.)
  • The Man School – (co-written with Kelly Sallaway)
    • Logline: When two frustrated single gals can’t find any decent men to date, they decide to start a “man school” instead.


  • Stuck in Sunshine Lakes: (a comedy for all ages)
    • Logline: When Aaron Davidson loses his job, his house, and his wife, he is forced to move back in with his parents, who now live in a kooky retirement community in Arizona. Lucky for him, he meets up with three “Denture Capitalists” (retired venture capitalists) who help him start a business of his own. 

My screenwriting training:

I took a six-month screenwriting course through Screenwriting University. (I’m an alumni of PS38.) I also took a six-week comedy TV pilot writing course with Michael Saltzman through The Writing Pad in Los Angeles. Plus, I’ve taken numerous screenwriting workshops over the years, as well.

My College Education

  • B.S. in Pharmacy,  University of Kansas
  • Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy), University of Kansas


Contact information



(I’m located in Tempe, Arizona,  USA)

I’m also happy to take meetings via Skype. (My Skype ID is available upon request.)