• Is your website copy getting a little stale?
  • Do you even have an advertising campaign?
  • Would you like try some funny tag lines or ad slogans, without the cost of hiring an expensive advertising agency?

That’s great, because one of my hobbies is coming up with imaginary businesses and silly taglines to go with them…and I’ve run out of imaginary businesses!

For the month of September, I’m having a special:

  • Five (5) Silly Tag lines (or ad slogans) for $100.

Why? Because I have fun writing them, customers have fun reading them, and people remember funny things forever!

Here are just a few of my samples of silly tag lines below. (Disclaimer, not all of them are real companies. Ok, truth be told…most of them are not real companies!)

*Please Note: Logo, design, and artwork are not included. The September special is for the written words (tagline) only. (Because I’m a writer, Jim…not a graphic designer.)

The Top 10 Reasons To Advertise With Humor

10.  Humor instantly grabs people’s attention.

9.  Funny ads bring good karma – a smile or a laugh can instantly turn somebody’s day around!

8. Laughter makes people relaxed, puts them at ease, and breaks down the resistance barriers to buying.

7. Humor leaves people wanting to hear more!

6. You can attract more customers with humor than with fear.

5. When you’re retired, you can look back on your ads and say you helped make the world a happier place

4. There’s a better chance people will keep your advertisement if it makes them laugh.

3. Humor brings levity to an otherwise serious subject.

2. Laughter releases endorphins and makes people feel good. You can give the free gift of laughter every time you advertise!

1. People remember funny things forever!

(Copyrighted by Niki Galiano)

To get started:

To get started, just send me a quick message of what you’e looking for (i.e. funny, serious, wacky, professional?) and be sure to include your website or a description of your business. 

Then I’ll send you an e-mail with a link to a Paypal payment page, and as soon as I receive your payment, I’ll start working on your taglines / advertising slogans

Thanks, and have a great day,