Free Self-Hypnosis Audio Tracks

For those of you who downloaded my free hypnosis book, “Improve Your Moods with Self-Hypnosis,” (which you can find free on my “blog” page), I’ve decided to go ahead and record the creative visualizations and put them up here on my website for free. Because I know that sometimes when you’re extremely depressed or anxious, it can be too hard read… let alone think!

With these audio/videos, all you have to do is just follow the sound of my voice….

(Just whatever you do, do NOT listen to these self-hypnosis videos in the car, otherwise you could fall asleep at the wheel and wreck…and we don’t want that to happen.)

Video #1 – The Bouncy Red Ball

The hypnosis audio uploads will resume again after New Years!

Happy New Year’s, everyone! 🙂