The Adventures of traveling in an ex-FBI spy van (#vanlife)

I do a lot of contract work as a pharmacist, and last year I decided that I was sick and tired of being stuck in an apartment lease in between my contracts, when I could be traveling around the country!

So, I decided I was either going to buy an RV, or buy a van, and convert it into a camper-van.

Well, after about a year of looking for the perfect vehicle, I finally found it. It was a white Chevy Express van, and it only had 7500 miles on it. It even had a high top…bonus! But wait…it gets better. This was no ordinary used van – this was an ex-FBI surveillance van, and it even came with a periscope!

This is what the inside of the van looked like when I first got it:

I spent about 3 months converting it into a camper-van. I worked on him during my lunch breaks, after work, and on my days off, until finally, he was finally finished. I took out everything, except the periscope, because it’s welded into the van. (I just put a furry rug over it, to disguise it. See photo below…lol.)

I then quit my pharmacy job (which I hated anyway) to travel the country for the summer, with my dog, Lucy.

I had big plans and things were going great, but then there were a series of setbacks. First, we discovered that my mom might need surgery this summer. (And, as it turns out, she does.) Then my dog, Lucy, ruptured a tendon in her leg, so she is now walking on 3 legs. (And the vet has said she definitely needs surgery, as well.) And then I broke my foot.

So, I had to take six weeks off camping….but now, I’m back, and I am starting a YouTube channel, so you can “travel” with me on my trips!

Stay tuned….