Upcoming Episodes of Rush Hour Comedy Radio

Episode 4 – Rodents On The Road: A Tribute to Harold Ramis – (Video of the Rising Phoenix Comedy Troupe Performing the Skit in Niki’s apartment in Tempe, AZ in 2014 against a green screen)


 This is also episode 1 of SPACEBOOK: (in production — yes, still! I am a one-woman operation, here! Lol.)

Come listen to the first episode Spacebook!

Note: This debut of Spring Break: Earth will also be the 33rd Anniversary of when my friends and I from KU (University of Kansas) showed up on the March 17th, 1989 issue of USA Today in our bikinis!
Oh, to be young again!

Spring Break: Earth

P.S. Colin Quinn – I have something of yours from that Spring Break: Trip – one of my friends was on A SCAVENGER HUNT, and they were told to get a check from someone famous, and they got an entire CHECKBOOK from you! Lol.

I have your check…it’s safe….(insert Liam Neeson voice impersonation voice here)…if you want it, you’ll have to meet me on Jimmy Fallon’s tonight show to get it back. Lol.

P.S. I do stand up comedy, so maybe you can get me booked on The Tonight Show….(Don’t worry…I’ve appeared at the Comedy Store about 12 times (2014), including twice on Saturday nights as the opening act (in 2016)… I’m not a newbie.. I’m also an alumnus of The Groundlings (2014), and I took a comedy TV pilot writing class from Michael Saltzman….

Oh! And I won some joke writing contests on ComedyWire by Joe Toplyn. (I won a book on writing comedy for Late Night TV.) Good enough for ya, yet? Lol.

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