Waking Up: Part 1 (Part 1 of a 4 part web-series I’m making)

Waking Up is a video series I started making years ago, about my recovery process from temporal lobe epilepsy. At the time I started making it, I actually had a wrong diagnosis: bipolar disorder. (So, sorry for the confusion!) At some point, I am planning on finishing it. But I only have the first 2 parts available now.

Part 1 is set to the music of Mannheim Steamroller. I love their music, and they’re from Omaha, and so am I, so I thought it was a was good fit. I tried contacting them years ago for permission to use their music in my web-series, but they never got back to me. At some point, I’ll try to ask them again.

Part 2 is the screenplay “Manic Depression: The Musical.”

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